Good Moon Rising

Jan. 11, 2021

A family of fixtures, ALW’s additions to its “MoonRing” series include: MoonRing Acoustic (pictured), which brings acoustic options to the flagship luminiare; MoonDisc, a line of circular acoustic discs between 3—6 ft. in diameter, incorporating acoustics with optional indirect lighting, designed to complement MoonRing luminaires; and MoonDish, a side-emitting ring luminaire with a 1.5 aperture and an optional 0.5-in.-thick acoustic panel with an NRC of 0.85. The MoonDish delivers a uniform illumination with a modern design. A new twist on the ring trend, the luminaire offers a side-emitting profile, creating a glowing aesthetic. The optional acoustic panels are composed of 100% recyclable and fire-rated PET Fibers, and provide acoustic attenuation that is durable and lightweight.

Judge’s Comment: “Industrial design of this fixture is superb. It’s innovative and unique without being bizarre.”

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