Uniform Color

Dec. 14, 2021

Each Parade L model contains high brightness RGBW LEDs with 4000K neutral white and is available in dynamic white—2700K to 6500K—static white or monochrome colors.

This versatile family of linear luminaires is fabricated from extruded aluminum and available in 1-ft. increments, up to 4 ft. Each luminaire features an integral power supply within its narrow profile, eliminating the need for additional electrical hardware, and is further simplified through combined power and data wiring. Four standard finishes are available with options for marine-grade or custom RAL finishes.

Optics include five symmetric and five asymmetric distributions from spot to extra wide, elliptical beams, and a wall wash distribution. Specialized optical treatments within the fixture ensure uniform coverage of façades even on close-up installations where color separation or striations near the luminaire are often an issue. Three standard bracket lengths accommodate varying setback or projection needs. Adjustability allows for vertical aiming range of +/- 90 degrees.

Judge’s Comment: “Unique in that besides the many standard options (RGB and static white), they offer a number of custom options for the product.”

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