Line of Defense

Dec. 14, 2021

The Defendr Door System protects building occupants by slowing down an active attacker or shooter. Defendr is built with the strongest components: a Masonite architectural door with extra heavy-duty particleboard, structural composite lumber core, and Armoured One 5/16-in. tactical security glass. Tested in partnership with Special Forces experts to perform in a variety of scenarios, including an active shooter attack, the Defendr can resist up to 237J of force after bullet degradation, the equivalent of a 10 lb. sledgehammer dropped at 22.9 mph.

During most active shooter attacks, the shooter attempts to enter a locked classroom by shooting through the glass or lock area and then trying to force the door open. Defendr has undergone rigorous testing and is proven to perform in these situations. With many design styles and options, a Defendr door system offers proactive defense and a variety of different finish options to match the design intent of any environment.

Judge’s Comment: “Affordable solution tested in conjunction with security experts.”

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