Next Gen Bi-Folding Doors

Dec. 14, 2021

Ideal for applications where larger glass sizes, higher load requirements, and limits on deflection and heavy use are required, the Palisades carries a CW40 Performance Grade rating. Specialized seals provide resistance to air and water infiltration and panel loads are evenly distributed across a proprietary bottom rolling system that facilitates a fluid, frictionless glide for ease of operation. The system comes in several different configurations and with minimal hardware for virtually uninterrupted views, the bi-folding doors strike the balance between aesthetics and performance.

The Palisades collection represents the next generation of movable wall and sliding door systems, offering the most desirable features in looks and performance. Whether installed on their own or together, the bi-folding and sliding door and wall system duo achieve grand scale and elegance with remarkable simplicity.

Judge’s Comment: “The slim rails featured in this product are quite nice and would enhance any project that has a goal of blurring the lines between indoors and the landscape beyond.”

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