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Theater Achieves Open and Unique Aesthetic

Jan. 17, 2019
The new Writers Theater, located in Glencoe, Ill., designed by Studio Gang Architects, creates a space that brings energy to the town while maintaining an essence of transparency...
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Coatings & Finishes

Monument Showcases High Heritage

May 1, 2017
The Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture on D.C.’s National Mall relied on a bronze wash which was a monumental component of the design, and its...
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Cheers! Vineyard Receives Modern Facelift

July 1, 2016
Santa Rosa’s Bastoni Vineyards replaced its 70-year-old, 2100-sq.-ft. barn with a metal counterpart while keeping its authentic look.
Coatings & Finishes

Raise the Roof

April 1, 2016
The recently commissioned Pavilion at Ole Miss selects roofing clad in metal panels, coated with earth-tone hues.