Niche Cocktail Bar Protected with Canopy System

New York City’s R17 cocktail bar, located on the building’s rooftop, offers patrons an elegant, locally-oriented hangout with dramatic views of Manhattan and Brooklyn. Pier 17 is a massive 300,000-sq.-ft. building at the waterfront along the East River. Encompassing retail, entertainment, architectural features and seasonal attractions, the area is intended to further the transformation of the Seaport district into a true destination. To ensure its all-weather use, modular construction firm, Nussli, sourced, selected and installed a retractable canopy.


Take Cover

En-Fold is a pre-engineered, stadium-grade, automated retractable awning system. It can safely remain fully deployed in winds up to 90 mph and is available in a variety of configurations and sizes to fit any space. Manufactured by Uni-Systems, En-Fold offers more than 1,500 sq. ft. of covered outdoor space at the rooftop level at the push of a button, to create an outdoor room sheltered from strong sun, winds and other inclement conditions.