Retractable Awning a Highlight in Miami Restaurant

Jan. 7, 2020

Patrons can now experience all-weather courtyard dining in this trendy London-franchised eatery.

Miami, Fla.
Charles H. Benson & Assoc. Architects

The London-based Chotto Matte restaurant opened its first U.S. outlet in Miami Beach, complete with a retractable awning spanning a stylish outdoor bar and restaurant space.


Uni-Systems’ En-Fold stadium-grade retractable awning system allows for all-weather dining in an elegant, trendy environment, while adding a unique design component to the overall aesthetic. “The artistic aesthetic was perfect for this space,” adds Benson. The translucent En-Fold retractable canopy is made with ePTFE fabric, and it spans a light well in the ceiling that extends up through the restaurant’s second level. This feature serves as the centerpiece of the unique restaurant space below.

The En-Fold drive beam spacing is 20 ft. on center, so Uni-Systems had to push the limits of the system to achieve a 28-ft. drive beam spacing. None of the En-Fold structure can be seen from below.


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