NCAA Headquarters Expansion, Indianapolis, IN

Terracotta Treasure

The NCAA Headquarters expansion by RATIO, features an ALPHATON terracotta rainscreen in a standard finish. The system allows air to circulate behind its panels, creating pressure equalization that prevents water from being drawn into the building. A vapor barrier on the outside face of the system’s back-up wall serves as a final deterrent against air and water penetration. The extruded double-leaf panels are available in 18 standard colors and glazings, and can be incorporated in horizontal or vertical support systems.


Elemental Protection

Preventing water and moisture from penetrating a building, Shildan’s Terracotta Rainscreen Façade System works by carving out an internal cavity for air and wind to enter, equalizing pressure from within and outside the system, so water and moisture simply fall away 100% of the time. Made of the world’s oldest masonry material, terracotta, the high-performance rainscreen categorically seals out water, effectively eliminating air infiltration/exfiltration, reducing pressure on HVAC systems and yielding tremendous energy savings. With the ability to be customized almost endlessly, the rainscreen can be dreamed up in virtually any shape and color, with lengths up to 10-ft. and