Lorin Industries

Anodized Advantages

In the process of anodizing, Coil aluminum goes throughan electrochemical process that builds an anodic layer that’s bonded to its surface at a molecular level. The resulting finish won’t chip, flake, peel or corrode. The material is 100% recyclable, and in finishes like stainless and copper, the finishes can match natural metal looks, but with better performance and durability.

Austin Central Library

Panels Ensure Durability for Library Exterior

The city of Austin built a new central library to serve its citizens, and in designing the building, chose perforated anodized aluminum as a central façade design element. Opened to the public in October 2017, the new 200,000-sq.-ft. Austin Central Library makes full use of the functional and aesthetic benefits of the perforated anodized aluminum panels. Many panels provide shade for the building and its entrances, while one large panel incorporates literary quotations that are visible on the building’s floor as light shines through the metal, and all of the panels add to the overall building aesthetic.The library was designed by architects from Lake Flato Architects and Shepley Bulfin