Kolbe Windows & Doors

Forging Forward

Made from a proprietary hybrid of fiberglass and UV stable polymer, formulated for strength and resilience, the Forgent line includes a variety of window and door products. An integral nailing fin, and welded sash and frame, provide rigidity and keeps units square, thereby preventing air and water from entering the joint. A great fit for new construction and retrofits with short lead times, the products can be installed in three convenient ways.


Builders Show Surprise

A 3.5-ft. × 10-ft. reclaimed barnwood door presents a sustainable solution for an entrance that blends rustic character with modern design. This outswing door offers a natural contrast with the onyx extruded aluminum exterior trim. The door is surrounded by a direct set sidelite. A select offering of Ashley Norton hardware is also available.


A Grand Entrance

Joining forces with Baldwin Hardware, Kolbe’s selection of entrance door systems combines all wood/wood with extruded aluminum exteriors with stylish decorative hardware. Specialized combinations of wood species, glass and hardware afford designers a high level of creativity in crafting appealing openings.