Mix & Match

Enabling owners and specifiers to mix and match from a components line of interchangeable faucet elements, the resulting Components Faucet ultimately produces a pared down and refined, yet luxurious and chic product. The collection features accurate flow and water temperature control, a graceful single control handle and a natural laminar flow with a hidden aerator to create an organic water stream.


Minimal Look

Finishes make use of clean, minimal surfaces to highlight transitions between color and graphic elements. Curated sets of color pairings include rose gold, polished nickel and titanium. 


Cleansing Flush

Continuous Clean is a factory-installed system housed in the toilet’s tank that dispenses a consistent dosage of cleaner during each flush to keep the bowl clean between flushes. Compatible with all toilet bowl tablet cleaners, it allows a choice of any off-the-shelf solid chemistry to extend the life of the cleansing tablet. The system does all the work, evenly mixing fresh water from the incoming water supply with the cleaning agent and dispensing a consistent amount of cleaning solution to each flush via the rim jet.