Screen Time

Interstyle’s new line, No. 6, is created by screenprinting abstract shapes onto fine layers of glass. Designer Gabriella Equizi, developed four handcrafted patterns for the glass tile. 


Signed and Sealed

Interstyle’s latest innovation in sustainable glass is made with 100% recycled glass, blended with a mix of natural, regionally sourced clay and porcelain. Dubbed Earthenglass, the natural clay with a mix of glass possesses a mysterious beauty, strength and grit. The hand-crafted tiles are available in four standard shapes, including: square, octagon, rhombus and rectangle. A smooth, glazed look or a raw, organic surface can be customized with three earthy textures—crater, grain and sediment—or a metallic.


Diagonal Tile Art

Basho geometric artesian architectural glass features a composition of mixed surface finishes for a unique effect. Each 4-in. × 8-in. tile is divided by a diagonal that balances glossy and matte. With six tone-on-tone colors, four contrasting colors and left and right angled compositions, designers can mix and match to form dynamic patterns out of triangles, diamonds and chevrons. Named for the 17th-century Japanese haiku master Basho who invented the term “haiku.”