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Sherzer Hall at Eastern Michigan University

In a Vacuum

The aptly-named Vacuum IG utilizes a vacuum between two panes of glass to prevent heat from escaping to the outside. As compared to a single pane glass with an R-value of 1, the glass itself delivers an R-value of up to 12 at a 8-mm thickness. When paired with SunGuard coated glass, thermal insulation goes up even higher. Furthermore, the hybrid, low-E Vacuum IG delivers impressive levels of light transmission, reflectivity and color.


The Outdoor Connection

Guardian SunGuard glass products balance high performance with light transmittance and the right aesthetic at state-of-the-art Owego Elementary School. Architect Highland Associates were charged with replacing a structure destroyed by Tropical Storm Lee with a high-performing envelope that meets LEED Silver certification.“The spaces have a sense of relaxed vitality that comes only with a strong connection to the outdoors,” explains David Degnon, senior associate, Highland Assoc. “This would not be possible without the strategic use of specialized glass products such as Guardian SunGuard glass. With glass making up such a large part of the façade, the color and appearance ha


Dining Center Mimics Northern Lights

The Wood Center at the University of Alaska Fairbanks expanded its dining facility, creating a campus destination through visually interesting elements, which included a glazing system that mimicked the Aurora Borealis. The Univ. of Alaska Fairbanks planned a 34,000-sq.-ft. addition to, and renovation of, the Wood Center to expand the dining facility and create a campus destination. Architect Perkins+Will wanted to create a building that was visually interesting and inviting to passersby while so comfortable, occupants were happy to stay put, regardless of the season. The original building did little of either. Mentioning its few small, punched windows, Devin Kleiner, project architect, asso