Focal Point

Eastlake Studio, Chicago

Blending Historic with Modern

Studio unites historic architecture and modern design for collaborative office space. Eastlake Studio was faced with adversity when plans to convert the building that had been their long-time residence to a hotel and condos became a reality. The studio had been residing in Chicago’s Tribune Tower, for approximately three decades. The change of vocation of the tower from commercial to mixed-use residential provided the architecture firm an opportunity to address the challenges of the former office while opting to move to another historic building. The limitations of the original office were motivators for designing the new space. According to Kevin Kamien, principal at Eastlake Studio,


LED Lighting Plays Strong in Music City

Headquartered in Nashville since 1985, SESAC recently made the decision to consolidate its offices under one roof while remaining close to its roots on Music Row. It was necessary for the new headquarters to showcase its catalog of famous artists, reinforce creativity, encourage collaboration, and reflect the company’s culture and brand. The two-story space was designed as a multi-purpose facility. Nashville based architecture firm, Tuck-Hinton Architects, designed the office with a variety of work environments enveloping a grand staircase, strategically placed in the center of the office, doubling as a performance area. Continuing to draw inspiration from the organization and wit


A Certain Edge

The Skydome Edge brings edge-lighting technology to the Skydome line of pendants and surface-mount luminaires—and they can be paired with unlit, sound-absorbing units of the same design for a consistent appearance where acoustics are critical. A broad range of lumen packages and color temperatures are available for the 2-, 3-and 4-ft. diameter fixtures. 


Patient-Controlled Dimming

The Apollo 8 fixture incorporates a custom low-voltage controller that allows patients to dim lighting from their pillow speaker. The controller supports up to three separate loads, matching the fixture’s three configuration options—ambient only, ambient with exam, and ambient with exam and reading light. Additionally, healthcare professionals can operate the luminaire from a wall switch.