It’s Show Time

Doubling as a massive media screen, this projectable glass rainscreen stops more than 90% of wind-driven rain from reaching the air-and-vapor barrier and dissipates the rest through drainage and natural ventilation. Patented compression clips attached to the virtually shadow-free, building-scale projection screen eliminate the need for holes through the glass and the system is fully adjustable in multiple directions. Giving contractors the ability to order the glass cladding based on the approved shop drawings enables significant time savings.Judge’s Comment: “The addition of a rainscreen to any building provides benefits on energy performance and many other considerations. This

Lumi Frit Projectable Glass Rainscreen

A Welcoming Beacon

The world’s first building to use Bendheim’s fully customizable projectable glass rainscreen system as a 6,000-sq.-ft. media screen was the Momentary, a contemporary art space in Bentonville, Ark., a satellite of Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. The custom-imprinted glass scrim wraps an 80-ft. tall concrete stair and elevator tower and incorporates four unique fritted glass designs, ranging from 50% to 80% opaque. The designs were created by Osage graphic artist Addie Roanhorse and were inspired by traditional Osage Native American design motifs.Bendheim’s Lumi Frit glass cladding lends the tower a brilliant white, ephemeral aesthetic during the day. A

1000-space parking structure at San Antonio’s 23-story Frost Tower

Channel Glass Parking Structure Complements High-Rise

As a lightweight versatile solution, Bendheim’s single-glazed Lamberts channel glass was the ideal choice for the 1000-space parking structure at San Antonio’s 23-story Frost Tower. Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects specified the translucent glass channels, which admit more than 70% of daylight into the parking structure, while textured channel glass protects privacy. With its alternating glazed and open sections pattern, the parking structure lends a nice design element to the façade and provides natural ventilation.

FlightHub office in Montreal, Quebec

Channel Glass at its Best

Promoting daylighting while separating offices from the communal areas at the ACDF Architecture renovated FlightHub office in Montreal, Quebec, is 4,000 sq. ft. of solar-textured, safety tempered, double-glazed Lamberts channel glass. The light-diffusing, textured 10-in.-wide, 8.5-ft. tall glass are pocket set in to custom-curve frames. Because the glass is captured at the head and sill at the top and bottom, no intermediary vertical framing needed, thus creating a clean design aesthetic.The light-diffusing, self-supporting channel glass requires minimal framing, creating virtually seamless curvilinear glass walls that can span across elevations.

Franklin & Marshall College Winter Visual Arts Center, Lancaster, Pa.

A Visceral Glow

Supporting Steven Holl Architects’ unique “box-kite-shaped” design for the three-story Franklin & Marshall College Winter Visual Arts Center in Lancaster, Pa., Bendheim was challenged to create a unique, parallel, single-glazed, tip-to-tip framing configuration for the curved glass walls. 


Glass Parking Façade

Designed and engineered for parking garage applications, Bendheim introduces its parking façade system for a beautiful glass aesthetic. Glass panels, 30 sq. ft. or larger, offer generous built-in tolerances—up to 2-in. in all directions—to compensate for the typical unevenness in floor slabs and walls. Significant adjustability also allows façade fabrication to begin from the architectural drawings as opposed to precise field measurements, thereby benefiting fast-track construction schedules.


Versatile Glass Cladding

With its patented clip system, the TurnKey interior glass cladding system supports a quick install without adhesives or drilling. Available in a range of glass sizes, including hand-made art glass panels, options include back-painted, mirrored, etched, textured, decorative laminated, digitally printed and dry-erase glass marker boards. The versatility enables designers to quickly, easily and cost effectively revamp interiors.


A Beacon on New York's Pier 17

Bendheim’s Lamberts Channel Glass is the focal point of the new South Street Seaport at New York’s Pier 17. The glass forms two stacked rows of 20-ft.-tall light-boxes, enveloping the façade. The three-dimensional glass channels diffuse daylight and minimize glare during the day. At night, the 40-ft.-tall backlit glass façade becomes a beacon on the Pier.SHoP Architects selected Bendheim to provide a tailored solution for this ambitious, landmark project. The design required approximately 37,000 sq. ft. of channel glass in a custom shape–featuring a greater flange depth–for added structural capacity. The continuous, two-story-tall channels maintain clean design lines


Classy Take-Offs

Designers using decorative glass to preserve the role light plays in creating vibrant, welcoming environments in air travel facilities worldwide. Bendheim specialty architectural glass is an increasingly popular choice among designers for its variety and luxurious, clean aesthetic that conveys quality and prestige. In addition to its enduring elegance, a wide range of architectural glass options provide improved environmental outcomes, including naturally hygienic surfaces and improved energy efficiency. The non-porous glass surfaces discourage the spread of bacteria and are easy to maintain in high-traffic airport environments. 


Façade Revamps Old San Jose Office Building

Designers customized a glass façade for San Jose’s 111 Market Square to attract new tenants. Modulus Architects customized a second-skin glass façade for 111 Market Square; the back-lit decorative glass cladding is a key element in the upgrade of two 1960’s Class B office towers into Class A commercial real estate assets.