Cherishing the Night Landscape

A recent project in Friesland, Netherlands, proves that preserving public safety simultaneously with darkness may be successfully achieved. Here are some of the main aspects of a design that tastefully melds the roadscape into the landscape during the daylight hours and preserves the feeling of night after dark. NEXT and Arup’s lighting design not only minimizes ecological impact, it resulted in lower energy expenditure and material for the cables and the overall cost of the new infrastructure: Motorists are guests in the landscape and light their own way after dark. The design provides safety through visual cues such as refl ection and low light where necessary; for instance, a trafficc cir


Passengers at the Forefront of Air Travel

Whether boarding a business flight or embarking on a space odyssey, it is clear that significant advances in air travel will result in increased passenger traffic—a number expected to exceed six billion by 2030, according to Arup.Designing amenities for the airport of the future may not look like the spaceport cantina from classic Star Wars, but integrating technology and infrastructure will be key to accommodating a personalized passenger experience for an expanding and diverse body of travelers, says Arup’s leader of Global Aviation, Susan Baer. For instance, JFK International Airport Terminal 4 just announced an indoor dog relief area as a convenience to those traveling with p