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About Altro:

Family-owned and operated since 1919, Altro is a world-leading manufacturer and innovator in commercial floors and walls. We work with architects, designers, contractors and end users in healthcare, education, food service and other sectors, and from safety to aesthetics, use our expertise to help them transform everyday spaces into thriving environments.

Sitting at the heart of our culture, we value not only each other, but our customers. We have set the standard through our commitment to product performance, customer partnerships and ventures into new possibilities.

We challenge the norm to improve the ways people live and work, wherever that may be.

Articles Related to Altro:

Hospital Addresses Safety and Aesthetic Concerns

Rockville Hospital boasts a strong behavioral health unit that provides support and specialized, sophisticated services for many areas of mental health, including addictions, anxiety, depression and other counseling. As part of its renovation, Rockville Hospital was looking for flooring that would provide safety and aesthetics for patients and visitors alike.


Underfoot Performance

Adhesive-free, vinyl flooring Altro Cantata features decorative, soft-look shades ideal for medium to heavy traffic spaces. Installed at up to 97% internal relative humidity even without a damp-proof membrane. The flooring’s easy cleaning and maintenance regime ensures that Cantata maintains its striking shades and performance. Ideal for healthcare, its adhesive-free installation means it can be laid straight down on to existing flooring. 

With cascading windows gleaming throughout, the apartments grant its guests views of downtown.

Flooring Revolutionizes Chicago Apartments

Built upon the torn-down Gonnella Bakery, Spoke Apartments’ new construction brings 10,000 sq. ft. of retail space sandwiched between two towers of one-and-two-bedroom luxury apartments, townhouses and penthouse suites. Flooring provided the finishing touch. Gensler’s Chicago branch, working with architecture firm FitzGerald Assocs., designed the interior amenities and individual units at the Spoke Towers. Angela Harper, senior associate at Gensler, said that they conducted much research on cost, thickness, durability, sound properties and aesthetics from different luxury vinyl tile (LVT) products across the industry.