Fortis Titanium 15

Nov. 16, 2022

If the walls in commercial spaces could talk, they would probably say, “OUCH.” Specifically designed for high-traffic area walls likely to be scraped, bumped, or dented, Altro’s Fortis Titanium 15 complete wall covering system with prefabricated corners, adhesives, and color-matched sealants is made to shield vulnerable drywall. If scrapes do occur, the lightly textured surface and homogeneous coloring reduce their visibility.

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Courtesy of Philip Jefferies
Concrete Washi Specialty Wallcovering
Courtesy of Nemo Tile + Stone
Maxime in Black Subway Tile
Courtesy of Emser Tile
Skite Tile in Ember
Courtesy of Calico Wallpaper
Tapestry Wallpaper