A Water Celebration

A new scalable climate adoption system, Climate Tile, equips side-walks with capabilities that not only treat water, but celebrate water as a valuable resource. 

Climate Tile is a new scalable climate adoption system for future cities. It couples traditionally separate functions. It transforms future sidewalks to collect and manage water, while contributing to the growth of urban nature and improved microclimates. It equips sidewalks with a set of additional capabilities that treat water in a technical manner, and conserve water as a valuable resource.

The system can catch and redirect the additional projected 30% rainwater due to increased precipitation from climate change. It prevents overloads within the existing drainage infrastructure and reintroduces the natural water system in existing cities’ infrastructures through a process that manages rainwater from the roof and sidewalks ensuring that excess water is directed to the appropriate place. The system works in synergy with roads, bike paths, signage, urban furniture, town squares, as well as urban nature.

Designed by Third Nature, and developed in collaboration with IBF and ACO Nordic as a new scalable climate adaptation solution aimed at densely populated cities, a pilot installation—a major milestone in its multi-year development—is underway. On a 50-m pavement stretch at Nørrebro in Copenhagen, Denmark, the Climate Tile pilot sidewalk contributes to the street’s climate adaptation, and adds additional benefits, such as an infrastructure for trees and planting, and spaces for maintaining a uniform and beautiful pedestrian experience.

Climate Tile is a scalable climate adoption system. It equips sidewalks with a set of additional capabilities—abilities that not only treat water in a purely technical manner, but celebrate water as a valuable resource. It can catch and redirect more rainwater, preventing overloads within the existing drainage infrastructure; it reintroduces the natural water circuitin the existing cities.

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