When it made the decision to relocate its Washington D.C. office, Michael Best LLC mapped out a laundry list of both critical and aspirational items it wanted to incorporate into the design of its new space. Being a firm that was growing its intellectual property book of business, it had first-hand knowledge of new and emerging technologies that could make the new space one of the most innovative, comfortable and appealing in the entire city.

LED lighting controlled by color temperature tuning capabilities was at the top of the list. What began as an item on the wish list is now one of the first commercial office environments where SpectraSync Color Tuning Technology from Hubbell Control Solutions is being used. In the private offices, occupants can adjust both intensity and color temperature of the Litecontrol MOD 2L Surface Direct fixtures with integrated SpectraSync technology based on need or preference. NX Distributed Intelligence CCT Switch Stations are equipped with four presets that can be customized in the field or utilized with default programming from the factory. One advantage of the presets—it provides the occupant with the proper color and intensity of light rather than an average light level or high CCT, without compromise to vertical illuminance.

Judge’s Comment: “Great application. Really illustrates the value of personal lighting control—including both intensity and color—can have on employee comfort, and in addressing space-use changes throughout the day.”

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