1000 Sansome, San Francisco, Calif.
1000 Sansome, San Francisco, Calif.

California Office Gets Facelift

Located in a revitalized shipping district of San Francisco, a four-story warehouse-turned-office space underwent a massive update.


At more than 60,000 sq. ft., the 1000 Sansome building was in stark contrast amid the historic personality of San Francisco homes and offices. Lundberg Design & MacCracken Architects were tasked with updating the outdated space with a modern design and increased daylighting. Prior to the renovation, the structure was a dimly lit, low-ceiling building with a second-floor entrance.


To create a more contemporary design, the architects opened up the space and increased the ceiling height. Large pieces of interlocking glass were installed in the lobby, forming large glass walls, which helped to increase transparency and allow light to move throughout the different rooms.


For the glazing throughout the lobby, the architects chose Pilkington Profilit channel glass from Technical Glass Products (TGP). The linear, “U”-shaped, cast-glass channels are self-supporting and mounted in a custom framing system fabricated by Chris French Metals and designed by MacCracken Architects.

“Not only does the channel glass act as a beautiful divide between rooms, it also offers the durability we needed in place of solid walls,” said Daniel Robinson, principal at MacCracken Architects. “We were happy to have found a product that helped us reach the desired aesthetic, as the glass allows light to diffuse into each part of the building.”

Pilkington Profilit can be installed vertically or horizontally, and is available in lengths up to 23 ft. Intermediate vertical mullions are generally not required for vertical installations. Tempering or filming options are available to meet impact safety requirements, and additional benefits include strong thermal performance and sound-transmission control.

1000 Sansome, San Francisco, Calif.
1000 Sansome, San Francisco, Calif.

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