Beatrix Restaurant, Fulton Market, Chicago
Beatrix Restaurant, Fulton Market, Chicago

Bring the Outdoors In




Beatrix Restaurant


Fulton Market, Chicago

Design Team:

Marc Jacobs, Lettuce Entertain You Restaurants

Product Specs:

LaCantina Doors Aluminum Thermally Controlled Folding Door

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When it comes restaurant design, Marc Jacobs, executive partner and divisional president, Lettuce Entertain You Restaurants, is the expert. He has done it 18 times—successfully. Jacobs says he specifies flexible doors, walls and windows to match the unique ambiance he creates at each restaurant. 

“Our goal as restaurateurs is to bring the outside into the space. It’s all about harnessing energy in our space and flexible windows and doors help you do that,” said Jacobs. “In every space that I have, we try to add an element of flexibility to our exterior walls to allow for openness, and grow the energy—essentially bringing the outside in.”

Jacobs used LaCantina’s Aluminum Thermally Controlled Folding Door Systems for his Chicago, Ill., Beatrix Restaurant and Market, because it helped create a bigger footprint, naturally and seamlessly expanding the restaurant to the outside during nice weather. The folding door system creates a frame around the opening, giving Jacobs the ability to design the door to match the architectural décor of the space.

Maximizing space: With limited outdoor space and a very tight dining area, the LaCantina folding door systems allowed owners to maximize every inch of our restaurant seating by quickly going from open to close, providing the perfect solution for Chicago’s climate.

Design Tip: Jacobs added a sliding screen at Beatrix that fits into the wall like a canister and pulls out from left to right. It helps keep the bugs out of the restaurant, but still allows the restaurant to open the patio space more days of the year. 

Beatrix Restaurant, Fulton Market, Chicago
Beatrix Restaurant, Fulton Market, Chicago

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