Lumenrail Lumenpod 28

July 10, 2024

The Lumenrail Lumenpod 28 is a handrail point source luminaire designed for pathway, stair, and ramp illumination. Its 316 stainless steel face provides a flush-profile architectural solution for new or retrofit projects, including egress compliance opportunities. The no-profile solution also provides a tamper-resistant installation; removal is only possible with a unique installation tool.

For more information, visit the product webpage. 

Wagner Architectural Systems

Reed Burkett Lighting Design
Syrios Cylindrical Luminaire
Courtesy of Reed Burkett Lighting Design
Beulux YT02 Linear Luminaire
Reed Burkett Lighting Design Inc.
Florence Striplight
Courtesy of Josh Beeman Photography
Kanawha Library Public Library
Reed Burkett Lighting Design Inc.
Kanawha County Public Library Inset Panels