Syrios Round SY600

July 10, 2024

The design team at RBLD selected the Syrios Round SY600 cylindrical luminaire downlight to highlight the glazed façade of the Kanawha County Public Library, without detracting from the historic structure. The 6-in. high-performance exterior surface-mounted luminaire features a unique integral adjustable lamp module designed with a tilting mechanism allowing forward and back light adjustability. The 30-degree directional module allows you to aim the light beam in the desired direction, without disturbing the luminaire mounting. This unique function is ideal to precisely highlight building features such as overhang canopies or wall textures. 

For more information, visit the product webpage.


Courtesy of Reed Burkett Lighting Design
Beulux YT02 Linear Luminaire
Reed Burkett Lighting Design
Handrail Lighting Lumenrail Lumenpod 28
Reed Burkett Lighting Design Inc.
Florence Striplight
Courtesy of Josh Beeman Photography
Kanawha Library Public Library
Reed Burkett Lighting Design Inc.
Kanawha County Public Library Inset Panels