Florence Specification-Grade LED Tape

July 10, 2024

Architrave inscriptions on the façade of the Kanawha County Public Library are lighted with concealed LED striplights.

The Florence specification-grade LED tape light has intelligent design and high-quality components. Osram LEDs, 3 oz. double-layer copper conductors, gold-plated solder pads and constant current ICs guarantee uniform light levels even with longer run lengths up to 55 feet. LM-80 lumen depreciation is greater than 60,000 hours. Discharge and reverse polarization protection is provided. 

For more information, visit the product webpage.


Courtesy of Reed Burkett Lighting Design
Beulux YT02 Linear Luminaire
Reed Burkett Lighting Design
Handrail Lighting Lumenrail Lumenpod 28
Reed Burkett Lighting Design Inc.
Kanawha County Public Library Inset Panels
Courtesy of Josh Beeman Photography
Kanawha Library Public Library
Reed Burkett Lighting Design
Syrios Cylindrical Luminaire