Wellness Painted with Light

March 17, 2021

CHALLENGE: Create a dynamic color-tunable space where people could enjoy sophisticated lighting typically not employed in most homes.

INFLUENCE: As the pandemic forced people indoors, homes quickly morphed into makeshift gyms, offices, classrooms, and so much more. Such was the case with a newly redesigned residence in the Hamptons, where the owners wished to ensure their utmost health and wellness benefits weren’t impacted by more time spent indoors and away from nature.

SOLUTION: The three-story estate, located in Sagaponack, Hamptons, centers its design around state-of-the-art USAI Lighting LED fixtures and technologies. Common areas, such as the kitchen, living room, dining room, and game room, feature trimless BeveLED Mini fixtures with the brand’s award-winning Infinite Color+ technology that is capable of bathing the space in hues of white light and saturated colors. Infinite Color+ provides limitless color and tunable white light technology to achieve flexible and sophisticated lighting that can evolve with the homeowner's daily rituals and preferences. The gym, in particular, was programmed to display bright orange and red colors to stimulate energy and promote movement during a workout, and soft blues and purples to create calm and reduce heart rate for cool-downs or meditation sessions. 

The system offers high quality white light as well. Lighting in the master living room automatically, and subtly, adjusts throughout the day to seamlessly transition from the natural outdoor lighting--creating big changes without shocking the senses. This type of dynamic lighting allows the homeowner to create an ideal interior despite the outdoor weather--enjoy crisp sun-like lighting even if it’s a cloudy day. 

In addition to color tuning lighting, parts of the house are automated to adjust lighting temperature and brightness to mimic the sun’s journey across the sky--also known as circadian lighting. The lights are automated to emit crisp, cool white light with blue wave lengths in the morning, and as the sun sets, the lighting dims and gets warmer with more red and orange wavelengths. This natural process and varying exposure to lighting is tied to how bodies regulate metabolism, release signals to the brain and body to get ready for bed, and so much more. As people spend more time indoors, they’re significantly cutting back on the body’s access to these natural lighting triggers.

Technologies like Warm Glow Dimming are installed in the bedroom to help the homeowner better entrain their circadian rhythms and improve sleep. Their bedroom automatically adjusts between a cool bright setting in the morning that dims down to a warm candlelight to induce sleep at night. Warm Glow Dimming is also an added boost in the bathrooms and vanities where it’s able to achieve the coveted warmer tones that perfectly match the color experience of traditional incandescent and halogen lights--creating a flattering glow throughout the space. 

The home also featured connected-home entertainment, including multiple surround sound systems, a dedicated home theater, security, outdoor entertaining spaces, video tiling, a robust network infrastructure, and motorized shades

The Savant system allows easy end-user scene control and creation—allowing for one touch controls that range from simple, one room light settings, like “Energize” for optimized lighting in the Gym, to an "Entertainment" scene that set lights in a fun party mode along with turning music on in specific zones and setting the house to entertain guests. The homeowners are able to adjust and manage those scenes right from their App.

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