AirCore Bridge wins 2021 PIA for acoustic luminaires

Dec. 9, 2021
AirCore Blade provides sound and lighting with linear baffle and luminaire arrays.

PIA Award Winner : Luminaires / Acoustic, 2021

The integrated AirCore Blade ceiling system provides flexibility in designing for optimal sound management and lighting with linear baffle and luminaire arrays. AirCore Bridge marries the superior acoustic performance of AirCore Blade and the many options offered to lighting professionals by Seem 1. The luminaire is offered in three configurations: Truss, Cantilever and Cantilever Wave. Slim apertures and minimal suspension points add to the lightweight, visually engaging aspect of the structures. The AirCore Blade baffles are available in over two dozen eco-friendly PET colors.

Judges' Comments: “While use of acoustic baffles is not new, it definitely looks like a fun way of accomplishing both light and acoustic performance.”

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