6 Architectural Lighting Products

May 11, 2020

A Performer Inside or Out

Cliff by Eureka Lighting is a minimalist, wall-mounted luminaire that enables multiple design options in the same compact package. Its angular shape, combined with its light-distribution pattern, creates a strong architectural feature. It can be installed in two different vertical orientations, encouraging designers to play with the luminaire silhouette to create a composition. Available in single or dual light direction, the luminaires can be arranged to create different patterns.

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Peerless' Renna provides direct, indirect and bidirectional illumination without the concentrated light distribution common to smaller LED luminaires. It spreads light uniformly off of a surface, minimizing the quantity of lights needed for installation.

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Kuzco Lighting’s Magellan is a large-scale statement piece. Multiple aluminum shades clad a hollow core, housing LEDs to create an indirect, ambient glow. Available in a black exterior and white interior, the Magellan is available in 24-in. and 32-in. diameters.

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Two for One

Addressing lighting, sound management and interior architecture, Seem 1 Acoustic Trio by Focal Point, a unique Y-shaped pendant is thoughtfully designed to address high noise levels and reverberation issues as a stand-alone pendant, clustered or as part of an integrated ceiling system with linear Seem 1 Acoustic luminaires and baffles. It is available in 4-ft. and 6-ft. diameters, various heights with direct/indirect, direct only, indirect only light distribution or unlit.

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The edge-lit drop lens on the new PGL8 from KIM Lighting reduces glare to provide exceptional visual comfort and performance. Many options are available with four distributions and six outputs up to 13,500 lumens. Specially designed with parking lots in mind.

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With a unique circular LED light engine and an open center concept, Hollowcore by Luminis is designed to optimize and deliver light evenly and where needed. It delivers up to 13,000 lumens of uniform light with a batwing distribution for minimal cave effect.

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