Yellow Goat Design releases a time-inspired collection

May 15, 2023
The West Chester, Pa.–based studio launches eight vibrant pieces in “Brief Epiphany.”

A burst of color can take a space from forgettable to memorable. In April, West Chester, Pa.–based studio Yellow Goat Design launched Brief Epiphany, a collection that merge swirls of pastels with a mix of mediums, including printed polycarbonate, aluminum, acrylic, and even Capiz shells. “This collection captures a fleeting moment of connection, aiming to achieve a sense of transcendence, beauty and joy in experience,” the studio explains in a blog post announcing the launch. “Through the embrace of technology and nods to nature, we explore escapism in a more playful world.”

The seven suspended LED luminaires—plus one decorative wall panel reminiscent of unfurled paper straws—can bring cheer, warmth, and conversation into an array of gathering, collaborative, and professional spaces. Check out a few fixtures from Brief Epiphany below.

No fewer than 125 elements make up Liquid Sky, an eye-catching 14.5-foot-long, 3-foot-wide luminaire. The colors recall both a sun rising on the beach and a “wave of possibility … crashing down,” according to the product description. Fluted acrylic panels set in 1-inch-diameter metal tubes are edge lit by LEDs.

Float wraps gradients of pinks, blues, and purples printed on rolled metal around a horizontal tube. Measuring nearly 5 feet long, the suspended fixture is illuminated by an LED neon strip threaded through the tube.

Harmony encircles the air in a crown of petals. The larger, 7-foot, 9-inch–diameter fixture uses printed polycarbonate petals, while the 5-foot, 10-inch–diameter size has the option of Capiz shells. The luminaire utilizes 36 LED bi-pins mounted to a rolled metal tube.

See the full collection at Yellow Goat Design

An excerpt of this story appeared in the Spring/Summer 2023 issue of 
Architectural SSL.

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