New lighting products to bring in the summer

June 19, 2023
Check out these versatile, eye-catching luminaires recently released to the commercial lighting market.

This year has seen a slew of new lighting solutions and technologies, including many that made their debut at LightFair 2023. Check out some of the many luminaires and customization programs that caught our attention.

BeTwo, AF Design for iGuzzini

Designed by Italian architect Alfonso Femia, BeTwo combines two cylinders to form a single- or duo-toned suspended, up and down, or surface-mounted indoor luminaire. The concept is visually inspired from Newton’s pendulum, also called Newton’s cradle, a knickknack displayed on many office desks today. BeTwo’s light emission uses iGuzzini’s Opti Diamond optics, which positions prismatic lenses on the curved surface of a thermoplastic reflector to provide soft, glare-free light. Available in diameters of 114mm, 172mm, and 234mm (4.5", 6.8", 9.2", respectively).

Luzerne Vanity Light and Wall Sconce, Modern Forms

An aluminum band bundles and wraps clear, fluted glass reeds into a sculptural luminaire that can be installed horizontally or vertically to deliver a uniform glow. An inner plate creates a mirror effect, while driverless ACLED technology supports a clean, architectural look. With an 18" long dimension, 3000K color temperature, and in an aged brass or brushed nickel finish.

LED Area Light, EarthTronics

Designed for exterior, wide-flood area illumination, such as parking lots and walkways, this low-profile area light comes in two models that deliver 130 lm/W. The first model can output 9100, 13,000, or 19,500 lumens; the second model can output 26,000, 31,200 or 39,000 lumens. A dusk-to-dawn sensor can be integrated into the IP65-rated light, which offers color temperatures of 3000K, 4000K, or 5000K. The LED Area Light is DLC Premium and UL listed.

Pale Rose Collection, Louis Poulsen

This collection introduces pastel-colored glass shades and brushed brass accents into classic table lamps and pendants from renowned Danish designers Poul Henningsen and Vilhelm Lauritzen. Fixtures in this collection by Henningsen include the PH 2/2 Question Mark Pale Rose table lamp, PH 3/3 Pale Rose pendant, PH 3/2 Pale Rose table lamp, PH 3½-3 Pale Rose brass pendant, and PH 2/1 Pale Rose brass table lamp; from Laurtizen comes the VL45 Radiohus Pale Rose pendant. The collection also includes Henningsen’s PH Artichoke Pale Rose, which features shiny, chrome-plated aluminum tinged in the rose hue.

Beckham Garland, 2nd Ave. Lighting

Merging opulence with technology, this 72"-diameter chandelier tiers clear crystal baguettes crowned with nine hand-painted natural brass rings to have a height between 30" and 90". UL-listed for dry and damp locations, this luminaire can become the star of a party with individually addressable RGB LEDs that one can program to create light shows or dance to music.

Custom Cut Program, American Lighting

The New York–based manufacturer now offers its Custom Cut Program for more than 100 SKUs, including American Lighting’s Trulux tape light, Hybrid 3 luminaires, and Neonflex Pro. When ordering, lighting professionals can specify a custom fixture length, as well as lead wire length and power feed type. Trulux, suited for indoor and outdoor applications, comes in single-color, variable white, RGB, RGB+3000K, and RGB + variable white; and in lumen outputs ranging from 150 to 1,100 lm/ft. Hybrid 3 is a 120V linear luminaire that can deliver up to 510 lm/ft in a 3"-cutting increment; it is available in 3000K, 4000K, and 5000K, RGB+3000K, and with warm-dim technology. The Neonflex Pro, suited for architectural-grade installations, delivers seamless lines of direct view lighting in side- and top-bend styles; it comes in CCTs of 2700K, 3000K and 4000K, as well as static red, green, or blue and RGB+3000K color changing.

WAC-Strut Stealth Framing Projector, WAC Lighting

As part of the integrated WAC-Strut lighting, electrical, and power system, this accent luminaire can shape, zoom, and project light in a crisp square or rectangular area to highlight artwork, sculptures, or architectural elements. The projector uses adjustable lenses and shims to frame objects, zooms in and out, and can use a custom gobo to shape light for complex designs. The dimmable fixture with an integral LED driver installs magnetically or mechanically into the WAC-Strut system; it can also be mounted on ceilings and walls. Available in a white or black electrostatically powder-coated and anodized finish.

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