Rebate opportunities for commercial lighting and controls remain strong

Feb. 21, 2024
Access to and support for commercial lighting project rebates will remain strong in North America in 2024.

More than three-quarters of the United States has access to commercial lighting rebate programs, providing a boon that can help distributors close business. The level of incentive and ease of access remains uneven in 2024 however, according to BriteSwitch, a data solutions company.

Rebate accessibility is just one of four trends BriteSwitch is tracking for 2024. After a period of decline in prescriptive (fixed-value) rebates, incentives have stabilized for 2024, the company said in a release. “In fact, rebate amounts for 2024 are up 2% on average for LEDs and 5% for controls. For most LED products, the average rebate across North America is near the highest recorded levels. The best rebates are still for LED fixtures replacing HID fixtures like high bays and pole lights.”

One reason cited for rebate-value volatility has been the level of program funding. In a reversal of earlier trends, where in past years program funding was exhausted by fall, in 2023, bonus programs with short-term bonus awards were introduced.

Rebates are increasing for networked lighting controls as well, BriteSwitch noted in its report. “In terms of dollar amounts, the average NLC rebate amount increased by 4% over 2023,” the report said.

To learn more about the lighting rebates report from BriteSwitch, read “Commercial Lighting Rebate Trends for 2024” from our sister publication, EC&M.

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