Beverage distribututor transforms manufacturing facility with lighting

May 3, 2022
Converting a former manufacturing facility to a hybrid office/beverage distributor center required a creative eye. LRS Architects incorporated Luminis luminaires to serve the aesthetic and functional needs.

CHALLENGE: Illuminate a 60,000-sq.-ft. former manufacturing facility that has been adapted into a hybrid office/distribution center with high, open, jet-black industrial ceilings.

INFLUENCE: One of the largest distributors of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, servicing more than 22,000 retail customers throughout the West Coast, Columbia Distributing simply outgrew its Portland, Ore. location. Its headquarters were moved to a former manufacturing plant near the city. The company wanted to transform the space into an environment that reflected company culture and increased employee collaboration and connectivity. 

LRS Architects worked with various materials and textures — contrasting the elements of wood and terracotta with metal and stone. Beer bottle glass also played a role, in recognition of Columbia’s core business. Spread over two floors, the office features a variety of open and enclosed collaboration areas, employee-centered neighborhoods, auxiliary workspaces and open office workstations. Employee break areas are a hallmark of the experience and include two pubs for after-hour activities and events.

SOLUTION: To offset the black ceilings and dramatic, dark accent wall colors, Luminis’ Prisma PR1282 luminaires — more than 200 — were selected to illuminate the hallways, corridors, stairwells and pub areas. The luminaires feature a diffused acrylic prismatic refractor. The refractor ensures comfortable, general illumination in the corridors and down to the counters and tables in the pubs. The distinct, 12-in. diameter fixtures, provide wayfinding for employees as they transition through the office. Side struts on the fixtures serve to define the luminaires further and complement the industrial-look decor. The luminaires offer a life beyond 125,000 hours, providing efficient, reliable lighting over the long term. Through a combination of distinctive spaces, graphics and lighting, Columbia Distributing has created a headquarters that is uniquely its own and a work environment of which its employees can be proud.

Project Specs
Columbia Distributing Headquarters, Wilsonville, Ore.
Architect: LRS Architects
Luminaires: Luminis Prisma PR1282

About the Author

Jim Crockett

Jim Crockett was a contributing writer to Architectural SSL.

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