Music and Light Facilitate Better Int’l Entente

June 15, 2021

CHALLENGE: When Steinway & Sons, manufacturer of pianos since 1853, established its first Asia Pacific flagship store in Beijing, the company sought to create a music hall to combines its classic heritage and innovative music technology.

INFLUENCE: Doubling as a retail store and a showroom of Steinway and family pianos, Steinway Hall Beijing brings the company’s most important innovative products and artistic movements to its music lovers. Furthermore, the hall incorporates the Horowitz Recital Hall on the second floor, which can accommodate more than 100 spectators, enabling concert hosting and master classes given by artists, musicians and educators. The basement boasts piano halls with professional acoustics and a recording studio. It also provides world-class piano technical services by its technicians. 

SOLUTION: Serving as striking centerpieces in Steinway Hall are several Corona pendants from SONNEMAN–A Way of Light. Available in multiple sizes, each pendant casts a warm ringed glow of LED illumination, providing both the presence and the absence of volume. They are available in a range of larger diameters. These circular profiles of light complement the pianos below, creating a sophisticated atmosphere for musicians and music enthusiasts.

According to Steinway CEO Ron Losby, the company is looking forward to ushering in more of China’s music lovers going forward. “We firmly believe that Steinway Hall Beijing will become a musical gallery where we can bring our most important innovative products and artistic movements to its music lovers, and thus provide them with an extraordinary musical experience.”

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