Integrated and Translucent

Dec. 10, 2020

Designed to provide a fully engineered solution for window and clerestory openings, the UniQuad Translucent Window panels allow for excellent thermal performance and light transmission into a space, providing the benefits of daylighting to building occupants without sacrificing performance. The system is engineered for openings up to 6-ft. tall and available in custom lengths to fit any opening.

Building owners will experience efficiencies with this high-performance system that contributes to energy savings and LEED certification. The translucent polycarbonate panels are designed to withstand the elements and maintain their performance over time. The windows are warranted against loss of light, color change and loss of blue-light transmittance—all with no required maintenance. The unitized design allows for efficient installation, which can lead to cost savings in the field. Building owners will experience efficiencies with a high-performance system that can contribute to energy savings.

Judge’s Comments: “The customization of panel covers, plus the ability to replace exterior and interior panels independently of each other, are both great advantages.”

“Impressive U-factors as low as 0.16, 10-year warranty,  great customization options.”

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