Book-Matched Design with Antolini Natural Stone

July 8, 2024
They eye-catching effect is magnificent in natural stone, whether marble, granite, or travertine. At first sight, it is a repeated pattern, but since nothing in nature replicates itself identically, the book-match design requires great expertise in the selection of the most suitable stones, in the processing and, last but not least, in the laying.
At the core of the creation of the book-match design is the quest for perfect symmetry: the slabs are in fact mirrored to generate the pattern; each pair of slabs is rotated 180 degrees with respect to an axis - vertical or horizontal – and, right after, the starting points of the veins converge. During the installation, the slabs are precisely jointed to ensure that the veins align perfectly. This requires careful work and the use of specific adhesives and resins to ensure a stable and durable joint. 
The Azul Macaubas quartzite with a book-match design is shown here.
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