Gracious Universal Design in Mixed-Use Building

Feb. 21, 2019

Kampung Admiralty, designed by WOHA Architects, is a building that transcends age and envelops occupants in an engaging multi-generational program in an inviting public setting.

WOHA Architects
© Darren Soh, Patrick Bingham-Hall

The World Architecture Festival announced that Kampung Admiralty, designed by WOHA has been selected as the 2018 Building of the Year. Selected among 535 projects from 57 countries, WOHA’s mixed-use senior housing project integrates a medical center, daycare facilities, a public food hall, a public park and a community garden, establishing a new architectural precedent for a critical issue of our time: engaging, supporting and housing senior citizens in a multi-use, multi-generational setting.

Vertical Village

Together, several government agencies have combined a plot of land and building project to maximize land use and budget. The tight site with a height limit of 45 meters had the team building upon what it refers to as a “club sandwich” approach. A vertical village contains a People’s Plaza on the ground levels, a medical center in the mid-level floors, and a Community Park surrounded by studio apartments for seniors on the upper levels. The program also includes a childcare facility.

Interactive living

A multi-generational setting cultivates a shared experience of engaged seniors and citizens. The park-centered spaces offers fresh air, outdoor views and a two-seater bench outside of every studio that encourages a social life with one’s neighbors. The cross programming adds to the vibrancy of the development and generates vitality for residents, visitors and children.

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