Blue Smooth Ironspot Brick

March 27, 2024

Selected as Glen-Gery’s 2024 Color of the Year, the Blue Smooth Ironspot brick is a dark blue-black, extruded face brick that exudes a sense of boldness and shimmers and reflects light. 

“In 2023, there was a prevalence of nature-inspired color and design trends characterized by warm earth tones and textures. Next year, we foresee designers still having a desire to bring nature indoors but with a shift toward bolder colors, especially deep blue tones that add a fresh sense of tranquility,” said Denise Smith, marketing manager for Glen-Gery. “While 2024 embraces brighter shades, rich and moody colors will retain their popularity, playing a pivotal role in balancing lighter color palettes. These deeper hues will infuse spaces with warmth and comfort, while adding an elevated design aesthetic that can awaken your senses.”

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