Dekton Ukiyo Linear Fluted Tile

Jan. 22, 2024

Cosentino introduces its newest collection of sustainable surfaces, Dekton Ukiyo, a new textured, first of its kind, linear fluted tile. Inspired by Japanese and contemporary design, the material showcases a geometric, yet smooth structure. Available in five neutral colorways, the surface can be specified with a matte finish and two fluting options, creating differing levels of depth and dimension.

“Playing with texture is timeless, and it is so important in all materials, not just fabric,” said high-end interior and product designer Claudia Afshar. “I have always been inspired by the materials found in nature and making the spaces I design as comfortable, warm, and authentic as possible. Ukiyo is calming yet simplistic, and the colorways and fluting are romantic, but also contemporary and masculine to achieve balance.”

For more information, visit the product webpage.