Go Green—Almost…

Feb. 9, 2022

Vistafolia, from UK-based UpScapers, is a high-end, uber-realistic faux green wall system designed by London-based horticulturist Paul Alder. Known for his amazing accolades at numerous UK garden shows, as well as his tenure running some of Queen Elizabeth’s Royal Gardens, Alder has designed and engineered a realistic, high-performance faux green wall system. The company not only provides turn-key installation, but also a resale network in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and outlying U.S. islands. The company’s background is in synthetic grass, giving what the manufacturer feels is insight into what a new faux landscape product can do for U.S. consumers. Making its biggest gains in the hospitality market so far, not only does the system provide nearly identical benefits to living biophilic design—but without the cost or maintenance worry of traditional green walls. It is also fire rated, UV stable, and has a strong warranty to back it up. 

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