UNStudios on its Toes with Structural Composites

March 1, 2017
A firm known for its explorations in new geometries and materials, UNStudio’s knowledge platform now includes a virtual instruction manual on parametric designs that work with structural composites. A trade fair serves as a perfect environment for the applied research.
Ben Van Berkel and the crew at UNStudio achieved something of a building ballet for Alpolic’s booth at BAU 2017, a construction tradeshow in Munich, Germany. The geometries of the structural composite material exhibit grace and drama in a three-dimensional edifice. The firm’s research on the ultra-light, yet resilient, façade material from Mitsubishi plastics stands as symphony of design. UNStudios transformed the composite material into a multi-compartment design with distinctly shaped chambers for different activities. The design is based on one single structural element; beyond that, UNStudio made use of parametric design techniques and smart fabrication methods to orient and combine that same element at several scales, rotated in multiple directions. The design is further accentuated with the company’s durable fluoropolymer coating.