Architectural Linear Series Brick

Jan. 17, 2024

A 2023 PIA winner, Arriscraft’s Architectural Linear Series Brick is a high-quality, calcium silicate masonry product with a unique distressed finish available in lengths up to 23.625 in. for an ultra-contemporary finish. Previously very long brick in a weathered finish was available only from European brick manufacturers. Designers can employ a range of deeper tooled joints, including a bicycle-raked joint, to accentuate the finished linear aesthetic. 

PIA Judge’s Comment #1. “The linear nature of the material—along with the ability for shifts in surface tactility—make it a beautiful exterior option with a rich aesthetic.”

PIA Judge’s Comment #2. “The tile colorways are interesting and exciting and create a wonderful modern ‘European’ look. With minimal raw materials, it is inspiring to see healthier products come to the North American market that used to be only available in Europe.”

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Courtesy of Kalesinterflex
Patagonia Veiny Porcelain Stone
Courtesy of Antolini
Textured Stone Flut Finish in Dover White
Courtesy of WOW Design
ICON architectural stoneware


Nov. 21, 2023
Courtesy of Dutch Quality Stone
Stone Veneer Winter Point White