Paneled Stone

Dec. 14, 2021

With its panelized format offering the appearance of a precisely hand-laid, dry-stacked set, the Stacked Stone Koryak Ridge combines gradients of white, cream and ivory with tawny-brown and sand to produce the shadows and contours of a rugged rock face. The simple panel system for expansive walls and column fascias is easily installed and is available in widths of 8 in., 12 in., and 20 in.

Biophilic design solutions are at the forefront of both commercial and residential design objectives today and are key to reinforcing our human connection with nature. The Koryak Ridge color palette provides the natural colors and textures of a traditional stone surface as well as fresh, bright tones to lighten up a space.

In addition, the panelized format of Koryak Ridge Stacked Stone offers a simple panel installation system for expansive walls and column fascias, which reduces installation time for builders and designers working under tight timelines.  

Judge’s Comment: “Lending texture and warm colors, this product is a great option for the designer palette.”

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