Kentucky Convention Center Redefines Class

June 17, 2021

In 2018, the Kentucky Convention Center completed a two-year, $200+ million renovation and expansion, redefining the facility as a world-class public assembly venue in downtown Louisville.

Louisville, Ky.

Increased exhibit space and meeting rooms, improved pedestrian flow and a clearly identifiable entrance with a spectacular glass façade are just a few of the major upgrades to this multi-purpose convention center in downtown Louisville.


The convention center wanted to exhibit elegance as well as durability due to the wear and tear of consistent daily traffic.


Track Rail glass railing provided by Trex Commercial Products lines the grand staircase, large stair landing, ramps and overlooks, allowing natural light from the updated glass façade to flow through the multiple levels of the facility.

The grand staircase features integrated seating bleachers and Track Rail glass railing with stainless steel handrail. A railing with 13/16-in. clear tempered laminated glass surrounds the oversized stair landings allows for natural light.

A wooden staircase guiding visitors to the second floor is lined with a top mounted Track Rail glass railing, and the second-floor overlook features long runs of Track Rail glass railing with custom curved base shoe, cladding and handrail. A custom-fabricated sawtooth cladding conceals the base shoe and stringer along stairs and overlooks a wall and features 0.5-in. clear tempered glass with polished exposed edges.


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