Pacific Coast Resort Selects Architectural Railing to Replace Oxidized Metal Fencing

June 17, 2021

Central California hotel is now equipped to weather the elements for many years to come with a railing system that solves environmental constraints and satisfies design requirements.

Pismo Beach, Calif.

Owned and operated by Martin Resorts, the Shore Cliff Hotel is situated on the edge of rugged, 90-ft. coastal cliffs in Central California. The 100-room resort draws thousands of visitors each year to enjoy spectacular views of Pismo Beach and the Pacific Ocean.

Environmental conditions related to the hotel’s close proximity to the ocean resulted in extreme corrosion of the hotel’s fencing. Only eight years after the installation of three miles of new metallic architectural fencing, the damaging effects of exposure to ultraviolet light, saltwater spray and ocean winds led to severe oxidation, resulting in not only an eyesore for guests, but a serious safety concern for maintenance personnel. The owners searched for a more durable fencing material to replace the existing traditional metallic rails.


Martin Resorts employs a long-term investment approach with building material choices for its facilities to minimize downtime related to construction and maintenance issues, which can negatively impact visitor experiences and, ultimately, profitability. The owners reviewed options with Allco Fence Industries, an established installer of commercial, industrial and residential fencing with traditional legacy materials. They determined that replacing the current infrastructure with another three miles of metallic fencing would be labor- and cost-intensive, requiring on-site fabrication and resulting in a potential need for hot works. Moreover, the new fencing material had to be durable, non-corrosive and comply with certain community design guidelines. It also needed to be installed within the confines of the hotel’s construction and seasonal timelines.


After conducting extensive research, Allco determined that Strongwell’s STRONGRAIL architectural handrail and fencing system best met all the requirements of the project. “STRONGRAIL’s structural performance, corrosion and impact resistance, color options and ease of installation made this product the best solution for serving the needs of the hotel,” said Cheryl Enticknap, owner of Allco Fence Industries. “The product is also lightweight, low in thermal and electrical conductivity, and can be prefabricated in large sections and shipped to the site. An added bonus is its life cycle, which we expect to extend well beyond that of aluminum, steel or wood, making it ideal for coastal and marine installations, and eliminating the cost and inconvenience of downtime for repairs.”


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