The Missing Link

Dec. 22, 2020

Link marks a new opportunity for designers to achieve the scalability, elegance and creative freedom of custom, one-off site furnishings with the added value and simplicity of off-the-shelf solutions. Its uniquely adaptable design and modular components easily accommodate the design and nuances of any given site, both physically and aesthetically. Its dramatic, modern aesthetics and virtually limitless configurations allow it to adapt to a diverse range of landscape and application.

Key options include the inline or piano key orientation of the wood slats on the seats and backs, which allow for straight, mitered, arced or even serpentine arrangements. Two different radii for the arced piano key orientation allow for varying degrees of curvature. Its benches can also be specified with or without backs and arms; and can be configured with metal supports, concrete block bases, or in wall-mounted and top-of-wall mounted styles.

Judge’s Comment: “Well-thought out design and applications for outdoor for public spaces. Choice of wood and finish blends with natural surroundings.”

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