Port of Alaska

Oct. 24, 2022

The first step in Port of Alaska's modernization project is the construction of the Petroleum and Cement Terminal. It replaces a terminal that opened in 1965 and was further damaged in a 2018 earthquake. Pilings that already showed signs of extreme corrosion were also impacted in the earthquake, and engineers believed the dock was vulnerable to a progressive collapse.

The PCT trestle and platform are supported by 123 precast concrete units and 2,903 cubic yards of concrete. Roof hatches manufactured by BILCO on the trestle protect containment pans, which protect against environment contamination if piping expansion joints fail in a seismic event. The double-leaf hatches also allow access to the expansion joints if they need replacement, and are made of stainless-steel which will help withstand marine elements.

Project Snapshot

• Construction of the five-part project began in 2020. The project is not expected to be complete until 2028.The total cost of the project could reach as high as $1.8 billion.

• The objective of the modernization plan is to improve port operations, safety and efficiency; accommodate modern shipping operations; and improve resiliency to earthquakes and other disasters.

BILCO Roof Hatches

• Three double-leaf roof hatches allow access to fuel piping expansion joints.

• The hatches, 10 x 20 feet, are so large that each leaf was shipped separately, and then assembled on site. When combined, the hatches weigh about 2,500 pounds.

Learn more: bilco.com

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