A Cleaner, Hands-free Restroom Design

Sept. 15, 2022
The world-famous Atlantic City Boardwalk cleaned up 14 of its high-use restrooms with the completely touch-free all-on-one WashBar®
Altantic City, NJ
SOSH Architects
© Bradley Corporation

Following years of complaints about poor restroom conditions from visitors and locals, the Atlantic City Boardwalk looked to transform its restrooms to make them cleaner, more modern and family friendly. The multi-million-dollar renovation of the Boardwalk’s seven restroom areas covering more than 8,150 square feet—some measuring more than 2,000 square feet—were completely gutted and refurbished in 2021.

Some of the overriding goals for the project, according to Austin Gerber, senior associate and architect/project manager, SOSH Architects, were to “make them convenient and durable enough for public use, easy to clean and maintain, touchless—a feature that is especially timely in the age of Covid-19—and consistent looking throughout all the bathrooms.”


In addition to replacing fixtures, toilets, urinals, and installing new heating, plumbing and ventilation systems, the project team specified Bradley’s WashBar with touch-free soap, water and hand dryer along with the OmniDeck® made of Terreon® solid surface.

The handwashing systems are featured in men’s and women’s restrooms along the Boardwalk, for a total of 14 bathrooms. “I’ve specified Bradley’s products for years and was curious about the WashBar,” said Arley Sochocky, interior design studio manager, SOSH Architects. “After I experienced the unit in person, I knew it would be perfect. Not only is it durable and easy to use, it’s completely touch-free, modern, streamlined and super functional.”

“The WashBar’s integration of soap, water and dryer into one fixture eliminates deck and washroom clutter. There was no need to map out separate spaces, hookups and wiring for individual components,” Gerber added.


The WashBar featuring touchless clean+rinse+dry technology streamlines usability without sacrificing aesthetics. The innovative fixture invites users with its accessible and intuitive handwashing interaction. LED lighting and easy-to-identify icons on top of the WashBar guide handwashing while soap, water and dryer are all kept in close personal reach. Advanced sensing technology ensures that each clean, rinse or dry function will not accidentally activate a neighboring function.

“The tonality of these integral handwashing systems complement the bathrooms’ tile floors and walls, which have neutral hues with warm accents,” Sochoky said. “All of these aesthetics tie back to the Boardwalk, while keeping the materials and color palette of the restroom facilities consistent across all restrooms.”

Its touch-free design is also a big win for facility maintenance. According to Thomas Burns, CRDA/ABM Ambassador Manager: “The key benefits are that it means better sanitary conditions due to the lack of physically touching things used in a public area and no wear and tear on external components of fixtures.”

The basin and the WashBar hand dryer are engineered to work together to eliminate water dripping onto the user, walls or floor. “The units are easily cleaned and very little water seems to splash on the floor so far."

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