European Elegance

Dec. 14, 2021

The three new lines of Euro-style partitions— Float Series, Lucent Series and Loft Series—take cues from European influence and deliver restroom compartments that redefine the experience of a commercial bathroom stall. New dimensions, new materials, an expanded color palette, and new features give architects the options to create a comfortable, durable restroom retreat for their clients.

The new partitions offer extra height, width, and No-Site options to create the feeling of a private individual room. The Lucent glass partitions are constructed in enameled tempered glass that brings both light—and lightness—to the restroom. The new Phenolic LT material—used in the Loft and Float partitions—is manufactured with 0.125-in. phenolic face sheets supported around the perimeter with aluminum framing, creating lighter weight, yet durable panels that are impact and scratch resistant and perfect for high-traffic restrooms. They also feature an antibacterial coating and non-porous surface that can help reduce the spread of germs.

Judge’s Comment: “Great product line! Bradley did a great job striking the balance between aesthetics and performance.”

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