Grasspave2, Gravelpave2 and Beachrings 2

Rolling Along

Grasspave2, Gravelpave2 and Beachrings 2 from Invisible Structures allow ADA-compliant access for areas typically difficult to access for wheelchair-bound or disabled individuals. Simple but highly effective components buried just below the surface, plastic cylinders allow the normally uneven surface to provide uniform resistance to walkers, bikers or wheel chairs, meeting ADA standards for public park and recreational facilities.


Snap to it

A solution for installing CableRail stainless steel railing infill into composite sleeved or wrapped wood posts, Quick-Connect lag and pivot fittings now work with wood. Easy to use, cable end simply insert into the fitting, and the embossed Quick-Connect jaws grab and automatically lock in place. No crimping or hard-to-use compression tools are required. The fittings screw directly into the face of a post or wall, which makes them the perfect solution for projects requiring an inside-to-inside connection.

Cove Lounge Chair

Me Time

The Cove lounge chair, manufactured by Poltrona Frau, and designed by Foster + Partners, is suitable for public lounges, even reception areas, and has been designed to function as part of a cloud-like cluster of chairs. The ribs of cushion at the back of the chair extend in places to form ridges, which can be used as armrests.“The design [of Cove] explores the spatiality of personal space, expanding the notion of a simple chair in terms of function and materiality. Its compact form carves out a generous volume that provides a secluded space to eat, work or relax.”—Mike Holland, Head of Industrial Design, Foster + Partners

Overlay designed by Birsel+Seck for Herman Miller

Movable Walls

Overlay by Birsel+Seck for Herman Miller are movable walls that can be used to create freestanding rooms, give shape to open or divide areas. It can create an enclosed meeting space—complete with a door. Unveiled at NeoCon in 2018, Overlay's movable walls can be used to create free-standing rooms, give shape to open spaces or simply divide areas. A three-sided workspace can create a designated niche, or four Overlay walls can create an enclosed meeting space—complete with a door. Overlay frees up time and funds in an office renovation budget: two people can move it in two hours; and at $350 a linear sq. ft., it is half the cost of demountable walls.   


A V Encore

AdMix Encore is flooring perfect for high-demand and heavy traffic areas. It features a seamless moisture barrier and solid resin construction that allows for scratches, scuffs and stains to be easily buffed. It can also be continually immersed in water with no degradation, making it ideal for areas that require frequent cleaning and large volumes of water for maintenance. It is available in 36-in. and 12-in. square tiles in 24 colors. 


Customizable Acoustical Ceilings

Hunter Douglas Architectural, a leading manufacturer of ceiling and wall systems, introduces Techstyle Graphic Customizable Acoustical Ceilings. Techstyle Graphic options for the ceiling plane were designed in collaboration with HOK and Guillaume Martin from French design firm, iwoodlove. Techstyle Graphic panels offer a selection of organic, abstract and geometric patterns that can be re-colored to fit the design of any room. When integrated into a creative room environment, Techstyle Graphics can induce calmness in a doctor’s office, produce excitement in retail settings, or add subtle wayfinding cues in a complex transportation hub. 


Decorative Cement Tiles

Granada Tile has partnered with award-winning designer Emma Gardner to add new patterns to their flagship Echo Collection of decorative cement tiles. Born in Kyoto and raised in New York City, she weaves diverse cultural strands into a unique voice. This collection embodies her signature style that is flexible in form and color, allowing for a broad range of moods—from serenity to exuberance. Gardner has received numerous accolades including Interior Design magazine’s Best of Year, IIDEX/Neocon Innovation and Neocon Gold Awards for her rug and fabric designs. Designers may play around with the colorways using the online customizer tool. 


Wonder Walls

Formica high-performance wall panels feature a fiberglass core for added durability, strength and fire resistance. Dubbed HardStop Decorative Protection Panels, the wall treatment provides superior durability and ease of maintenance and installation. The panels are available in the full spectrum of Formica Brand colors and designed to be applied directly to a variety of substrates, including drywall. For seaming, a selection of anodized aluminum trims come in five profiles and colors, including clear anodized, champagne, light bronze, dark bronze and black.


Balanced Approach

The Treble collection includes pendant, sconce and standing lamp fixtures, all featuring the curvilinear form of a musical treble clef. The mobile pendant version, shown here, incorporates multiple tiers, each balanced to provide even illumination. 


Two-in-One Moisture Control

Combining a moisture-barrier membrane with fiberglass lath, the new Delta-Dry & Lath rainscreen system allows for faster installation and ensures better envelope performance over time in stucco and manufactured stone façades. The resulting rainscreen design enables quicker drying of any moisture that penetrates exterior cladding and reduces risk of façade staining or failure.