Parvis du parc Frederic-Back, Montreal, Town Hall

Permeable Without Compromise

Offering one of the largest selections of permeable pavers in the market, designers can choose from assorted sizes, colors, finishes and textures from Unilock. Pictured here at the Parvis du parc Frederic-Back, Montreal, Town Hall, pavers are modeled after historic clay street pavers with a unique color blending.


Connecting People, Technology and Nature

The GO OutdoorTable brings integrated solar power to support formal and informal activities, individuals and groups, in a variety of postures. GO has a sleek and simple profile, a smooth, flat top that provides an ideal surface for writing, and rounded edges that offer a comfortable perch.


Lit Up and Leak-Free

LIGHTWALL 3440 vertical wall panels can extend up to 54-ft. long. The translucent polycarbonate panels provide energy savings via daylighting, outstanding insulation value and the absence of leak-prone horizontal joints. Tongue-and-groove joinery provides a clean appearance without the need for vertical framing.

The Merchandise Mart, Chicago

Wow Moment

A 2019 IES winner, the façade of Chicago’s Merchandise Mart, by Gwen Grossman, uses digital projection as a means to create stunning art on the massive 2.5-acre façade. Part of a curated “Art on the Mart” series, Grossman worked with Obscura and ETC’s Mosaic control system is the brain behind the illumination scheme.


Cloudy with a Chance of Controlling Sound

Reduce reverberation of sound with Acoustic Clouds. These pre-fabricated Zintra Acoustic 1/2" pieces are quickly and easily assembled on-site, then the shape is suspended from the ceiling substrate. Available in 16 standard colors, Acoustic Clouds provide attention grabbing three-dimensional texture that is easily installed, as well as the practical benefit of effective noise reduction. 


Color Stability and Exterior Durability

Durapon 70 spray PVDF extrusion coating is a proprietary resin blended with 70% PVDF fluorocarbon resin. Extremely resistant to chalk and fade, it provides outstanding protection from acid rain, chemicals and corrosive exposures, and offers long-term color stability and exterior durability.


Locked Together

Panels work in multiples to create a continuous, uninterrupted sculptural wall. The proprietary, steel-reinforced joints interlock to ensure accurate panel-to-panel alignment and joint stability. Cast entirely of glass reinforced cast rock with a plant-based foam core, the panels come with a low-voc installation kit.


Delicate and Discreet

A finishing and edge-protection profile for the external edges of tile coverings or mosaics, Schluter-FINEC is ideally suited for delicate tiles. Protecting the external edges of mitered tile, the profile’s thin, discreet reveal blends in with any décor.


Stabilizes Wood Structures

The MPBZ moment post base is the first product to receive an icc-es code listing for moment resistance. Also the first off-the-shelf product to provide the same for wood columns or posts, it is now code listed under icc-es esr-3050 for its 4 × 4 and 6 × 6 sizes. It is also code listed for uplift, download and lateral resistance. 


Union Station Skylight Reimagined

The original 177-ft.-long, barrel-vault system was restored while a new 187-ft.-long, high-performance system was installed above it. The original skylight’s cast-iron frame consisted of 13 individual, 12-ft. wide × 83-ft. long, segmented “ribbons” with a total of 2,068 lites of 0.25-in. wire glass. In restoring the historic skylight, the system was de-glazed, repaired and re-painted, and its existing glass lites were replaced with 9⁄16-in.-thick translucent, laminated, heat-strengthened glass.